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GLT Visibility

Why can’t I see GLTs in my digital wallet?

GLTs are minted using the ERC-1155 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Using this standard saves gas, and therefore lowers costs associated with issuing these tokens. Unfortunately, not all digital wallets allow users to view ERC-1155s in the wallet natively. But while your wallet may not show the GLTs, it's there!

Some options for enhanced visibility include:

• Navigating to the Store on and clicking a game. If it shows "Play game," you have the token.

• Connect your wallet to OpenSea and access "My Wallet." You can also see our collections here on Ethereum and Polygon.

• In the mobile MetaMask app, connect to your account holding GLTs. You can then navigate to the "NFTs" section and touch "Import NFGs." Then enter the Address...

  • Ethereum: 0x6e9969a6edbbdb4b4ffe8ea848ca691d886535c2
  • Polygon: 0x8A2EE75319Cd2655e52C5daBd4A0F296Af46473d

And the relevant Token ID for the game in your wallet.

We will keep you updated as these platforms roll out additional ERC-1155 features that improve functionality.