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10 teams participating

This challenge is meant for developers experienced with the blockchain/crypto space.

We task builders to create a functional game featuring at least one blockchain element, used in a creative way. For example, this could include in-game NFTs as items, crypto currencies deployed for marketplaces, smart contracts with story implications, and more.

Builders will be required to submit a zip file containing a pre-compiled binary, or a link to a website where the game is deployed. Additionally, we request that any blockchain functionality is deployed to either Goerli testnet (Ethereum) or Mumbai testnets (Polygon), and therefore will not have any speculative value outside of the competition.

Don’t forget to build a fun game as well! Per our judging criteria below, your submission will be assessed on both its gameplay and its blockchain utilization.

If this is your first time building a blockchain deployment, we’re here to help. Because our game jam will happen on-chain, you’ll need to set up a MetaMask digital wallet and provide your public address. Our team is standing by to assist – please tag @Final Boss | Rensa Games#9033 on Discord.

Coming Soon: The link to the Challenge on Showcase will be listed here following deployment of smart contracts, tentatively scheduled for February 14.


Games will be judged on creative use of the blockchain element, execution/coding of the blockchain element, and quality/fun factor of the game. The game must verifiably demonstrate the blockchain element (i.e. activity can be confirmed on the chain’s block explorer) to be considered.

Submissions must be uploaded through Showcase on the Rensa Games platform. You can review the process here:

The game must be an original game made for the purpose of this game jam. Any games found to have been made prior to the jam will be disqualified.

Coming Soon: Our judges will include developers, content creators, and influencers. They will be announced through the Game7 Twitter (@G7_DAO) during the two-week registration period, so stay tuned.


You can use third-party assets that you have the legal rights to use, i.e.: publicly available or purchased assets. You must provide attribution if necessary. Use of licensed content that you do not own will be grounds for automatic disqualification.

You are allowed to utilize any open-source, turnkey deployments for blockchain technology, such as the SDKs offered by thirdweb.

You will need a MetaMask digital wallet to register, submit entries, and receive prizes. The MetaMask browser extension can be downloaded at